Charlie has to report to an upcoming Board meeting and wants to present Certitude’s usage statistics in a good light. She asks Kris to create some data visualisations she can use.   

Kris is worried about creating the data visualisation for Charlie, but Jose steps to help. On the Certitude team blog, Jose writes a post about the data visualisation he created with Kris using the data from the Thing 1 profile activity.  Samaira shares infographics from the team. Freddie’s obsession with the number 23 is still apparent.    

On Twitter Jane spreads misinformation about climate change from a fake news site, and is very upset with Freddie when he calls her out.  It seems Jane may have done something like this before, with dire consequences, and Charlie is not keen for a repeat of the situation. Akiko seems delighted to be on Twitter, but her strange responses to the team’s tweets lead Samaira to tactfully suggest some modifications.   

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