23 Things has started at last, and Freddie and Kris discuss their goals.  In light of the inevitable takeover of the world by machines, Freddie is keen to upskill, while Kris hopes to learn a few things that will help his professional development.   

The Certitude team get together on Kazoom to meet the participants doing 23 Things as part of the self-assessment activity.  They introduce themselves and pose questions to help everyone create their digital profile.  Some interesting facts about the team come to light, including Jose’s talent for knitting sweaters for rescue cats and Kris’ passion for D&D.  Freddie is as eccentric as ever, Akiko is unusual (to say the least), while Jane just seems bad-tempered (but then again, she usually is).  

On the Certitude blog Charlie writes a post reflecting on Thing 1, pleased that her team will be learning some new skills.  She writes about her surreal meta-experience playing Certitude: the game.  It seems she is not the only one on the team who found it weird meeting themselves. Samaira launches the Weekly Facebook challenge, and shares the memes made by the team. Thanks to Freddie’s meme, everyone is a bit unsettled by the idea of “the 23 Enigma”.    

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