The ‘micro:bits creation’ challenge

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Last week we were challenged to make something with micro:bit… a nifty little pocket-sized computer aimed at learning code. Our friends over at the Curtin Library Makerspace have a heap of these cool gadgets for people to play with. For … Continued

Thing 8: Basic Coding

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From sending text messages to taking humans to the moon, almost every aspect of life involves code. Though the syntax may look scary, making something useful is much easier than you think – you don’t even have to download anything! … Continued

The ‘make a 3D model’ challenge

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Last week’s challenge was just that….challenging!! The task was to try making a 3D model. Tinkercad is a great starting point for beginners. Andre modelled this simple snowman using Tinkercad and basic shapes! You can look at the 3D view … Continued