Thing 9: Digital Security

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We live in a digital world where almost every person uses the internet to access some form of online services, such as paying bills, shopping or finding information.

This week’s Thing 9: Digital Security focuses on the importance of data privacy and how you can secure your computer and data from online hackers. We’re also releasing a related Thing this week on Digital Defence which outlines how strong passwords can help protect us online and improve our online security, and Online Identity, which touches on your digital footprint, among other things.

You wouldn’t ride a bike without a helmet, so safety is a priority!

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The Weekly Facebook Challenge –  Show off Your Avatar

This week’s creative assignment is to show us your avatar!

Avatar is a concept in Hinduism that means “descent” – the material appearance or incarnation of a deity on earth. The relative verb to “alight, to make one’s appearance” is sometimes used to refer to any guru or revered human being.” (Wikipedia)

Perhaps you have already used or, at least, heard of apps like Emoji Me or ToonMe.

If you prefer a web-based application, there are many options to choose from such as one called Kartunix.

Let us know how you go on over at the Curtin Makers Facebook group.

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