Thing 8: Basic Coding

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From sending text messages to taking humans to the moon, almost every aspect of life involves code. Though the syntax may look scary, making something useful is much easier than you think – you don’t even have to download anything!

In this week’s, Thing 8: Basic Coding, you’ll be creating a basic calculator and learning the concepts of control structures, data types, variables and analysing user input in the Java programming language. To ease into it, we’ve released a complementary Thing on Game Making which introduces block coding with Scratch.

They’re both definitely worth checking out!

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The Weekly Facebook Challenge –  Make a Game

This week’s challenge is to “Make a Game”. If you are unfamiliar with code, there are many visual programming sites out there to get you started!

Scratch is a free programming language where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations. If you like Scratch, you will probably also enjoy the Hour of Code which provides a plethora of tutorials and activities designed to demystify code and show you the basics. Lastly, there is also GDevelop which is an open-source, cross-platform game engine that promises to be fast and easy to learn.

Let us know how you go on over at the Curtin Makers Facebook group.

Note from Chief

Kaya everyone!

Last week was hectic. Files were getting scrambled. Emails were getting lost. The ‘smart’ lights kept flickering on and off randomly turning the Certitude office into a disco. Freddie was most unhappy about this and is still sceptical about letting an Artificial Intelligence (AI) run the IT at the office.

Luckily Akiko has saved a backup of each Thing and nothing of importance was lost. While under the weather, Akiko has made a post, Reflections on Thing 7, and shares her discovery of her new best friend, the Internet of Things.

There’s quite a lot that’s been going on. To keep up with the story and hear all about what’s been happening inside Certitude, check out Once Upon a Thing.

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