Thing 6: 3D Modelling

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I’m excited for this week’s topic!

For the past two weeks, we’ve been working with 2D images. Let’s take it a step further with this week’s Thing 6: 3D Modelling where you will be introduced to the basics of creating in 3D.

The thought of using 3D software to create your own designs may sound overwhelming, but don’t worry, you can just dip your toe in to test the water.

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The Weekly Facebook Challenge –  create a GIF 

This week’s challenge is just that…challenging! Try making a 3D model. Need some tips, check out our online moduleTinkercad is a great starting point for beginners. You might also like to check out Thingiverse for some inspiration! If you want to start somewhere really easy (and fun), try designing your own 3D action figures at Hero Forge – that’s where I’m starting!

Let us know how you go on over at the Curtin Makers Facebook group.

Note from Chief

Kaya everyone!

Last week some of us had the opportunity to put into practice what we learned about ‘remixing’ when Freddie and Kris used Samaira’s photo in a poster without asking her permission. It caused a bit of a kerfuffle in the office, but they managed to sort it out. Kris has written about it in his post Reflections on Thing 5.

We’ve released an extra Thing this week called ‘Virtual Worlds’ which dives into virtual reality and augmented reality. If you’re into gaming, using photo filters or intrigued by sci-fi, this Thing will interest you for sure!


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