Thing 5: Remixing

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It’s hard to believe, but we’re half way through the 23 Things program already! 

This week, Thing 5: Remixing is about how to re-use images and other content from the internet without stepping on people’s toes.  It’s easy to download and re-use stuff, but not so easy to know when it’s OK, and when it’s not OK.  I’ve learned from personal experience what a minefield it can be.

Trust me, it’s worth learning about!


The Weekly Facebook Challenge –  create a GIF 

This week we are asking you to make a GIF, which should be super fun!  There are heaps of GIF generators out there, like Did you know that you can also make a GIF using Shotcut or GIMP?

If you are looking for inspiration, check out GIF-It-Up-India: remixing the best of Indian art

I’m really looking forward to seeing your GIFS over at the Curtin Makers Facebook group.

Note from Chief

Kaya everyone!

We’re half way through the program and the Certitude team have been developing some useful skills. Samaira has posted her reflections on editing a selfie using GIMP. I’m proud of them (and you) for jumping in and giving things a go – it’s the best way to learn!

We’ve released an extra Thing this week on ‘Digital Declutter’ which is about how to gain more head space by decluttering your digital space. As a Marie Kondo fan I love this topic – I hope you’ll take a look!


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