Thing 4: Digital Creativity

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I’m refreshed and ready for Thing 4: Digital Creativity, I hope you are too.

There are heaps of ways to be creative in the digital space, and this week we touch the tip of the iceberg in focussing on digital art and image editing. You can also try out some handy tools and find tips on how to spark your creativity.

There’s only one rule to follow – have fun!


The Weekly Facebook Challenge – edit an image   

This week’s Creative Challenge is to exercise your creativity and edit a photo or other image. You could use the image editor GIMP (See Thing 4 for instructions) or use your favourite image editing tool or app (maybe Snapchat?).  We’d love for you to share your creations (even if unfinished) over at the Curtin Makers Facebook group.

Note from Chief 

Kaya everyone! I thought this week was going to be less hectic, but there’s been quite a bit going on.

Jose has been helping Kris with his data visualisations and created a most interesting heat map data visualisation about our collective digital profile (see it on Jose’s blog post).  I’m also impressed with the other infographics that have been shared  – I’m pretty pleased with mine!  Thanks to Samaira for her blog post about them.  

The team’s first forays in the world of Twitter have been fun but not without controversy (I’ll leave it at that for now).  Enjoy Thing 4!

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