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Last week’s Facebook challenge was to make a short video. It was the perfect creative activity to complement Thing 2: Video editing.  I had fun capturing one of my favourite places, my garden.

You should take a look at some of the other videos made this week by the creatives over on the Curtin Makers Facebook group.  A big thanks to everyone who shared their masterpieces! First cab off the rank was Thais, who is joining us all the way from Brazil! Using Animoto, Thais created a cute motivational video.

Glen went all out with a techno-dance clip, NightClub Insane, created entirely using stock footage and music! The beats had everyone in the office dancing…well, almost everyone…

Sophie had the Certitude staff in stitches with no doubt, a future award-winning piece. Spending 2 hours scripting and filming, and another 4 hours editing – Sophie really embraced this creative challenge. Jane could not see the point of it all, whilst Freddie was heard muttering about subliminal messages buried deep within the video.

We also had some great tips from our participants in the 23 Things program. ‘Sunnyperth’ suggests you practice editing some short videos that makes you happy, and to laugh at your own work! Thanks to the person who pointed us to Larry Jordan, an award-winning producer, director, editor, teacher and trainer – who also shares free online tutorials! Perhaps Kris could get some pointers from there.

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  1. Jose

    Thanks for sharing the links to the videos, for those of us not on Facebook.

  2. Jane Simmons
    Jane Simmons

    I can speak for myself Samira. What was the point of th exercise, perhaps you couldf enlighten me.

    • Samaira

      The point is to develop new skills, Jane. It’s about getting some video footage together to use at the workshop, it’s about having a go, it’s about using your imagination and having some fun. Which, btw, is something you wouldn’t know anything about.

      • Charlie

        Please remember your online etiquette, everyone, and keep your comments civil and polite!

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