The ‘micro:bits creation’ challenge

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Last week we were challenged to make something with micro:bit… a nifty little pocket-sized computer aimed at learning code.

Our friends over at the Curtin Library Makerspace have a heap of these cool gadgets for people to play with. For those that can’t make it in, or prefer the web, there is an option of using micro:bit’s online simulator.

I made a virtual smiley face and used a screen capture to share it, whilst Karena (one of our Facebook participants) included a name badge with her smile 🙂 Andre and Jean created a ‘Fitbit’ (aka step counter) and a ‘radio transmitter’ (aka duck transporter) respectively. They recorded their creations – You must check out the videos over on the Facebook group!

On a side-note, Kris was fascinated by this application for ordering coffee ☕️, whilst Freddie is still convinced the devices are used to transmit Morse code for the CIA…

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