The ‘make a GIF’ challenge

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Can you believe we’re up to Challenge Number Five already?! They do say time flies when you’re having fun 😉

Last week we had the really cool challenge of making a GIF! There are heaps of GIF generators out there, like this GIF maker on GIPHY …but, I also discovered that you can also make a GIF using Shotcut or GIMP – two of the software programs we’ve looked at for 23 Things. In the end, I was a little short on time, so decided to have a play with GIPHY.

Kym, over on the Facebook Group, found this amazing site called The Heritage Lab with a tutorial on How to make your own art GIFs using Open Access artworks from the DAG museums. I chose a garden-themed scene, of course. What do you think?

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
My GIF take on a watercolour painting of flowers by Benode Behari Mukherjee

Enough about me, check out the GIFs Charlie and Kris made below, and then go check out all the other fantastic GIFs over on Facebook. Such creativity and some interesting discussion happening on the page!

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