The ‘make a game’ challenge

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The previous week’s challenge was to “Make a Game”… For those unfamiliar with code, like me, there are many visual programming sites out there to help you create a game!

One that I have used before is Scratch – a free programming language where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations. For the novice, using a visual programming tool (aka drag and drop), is so accessible.

Similar to Scratch, the team at Certitude enjoyed ‘playing’ with the Hour of Code – There is a plethora of tutorials and activities available, designed to demystify code and show you the basics:

Chief had an obvious soft spot for the Code the News activity 🙂

Once again, Facebook user – Karena, took up the challenge and made a basic game using Python coding! Karena says “I followed a tutorial on the Raspberry Pi website. I think Python would be fun to learn and I think it is widely used in the coding world”. You can play the game here.  Andre also made a simple number guesser in Java for the challenge – which is the language used in last week’s coding module 🙂 You can have a go at Andre’s game here.

Happy Gaming 🎮🕹

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