The infographic creative challenge

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The latest ‘challenge’ we’ve been tasked with is to beautify our data, and turn it into an infographic. For some context and information on the topic, I found it really useful to check out the 23 Things module on Data Makeover.

I really like the quote shared in the Data Thing:

“Visualisation gives you answers to questions you didn’t know you had.”

~ Ben Schneiderman

I truly enjoyed this activity. Rather than create a typical infographic, I made my own ‘selfie’ using my personal data…You can go to this website to find out more about me, or to have a go at making your own.

All about me…My data selfie!

It was great to see 23 Things participants sharing their infographics on the Facebook group. From our team, Chief realised using a Canva template would be an engaging way of highlighting our 23 Things schedule. Meanwhile, Kris chose to look at the 5 most iconic characters in pop culture… Not relevant for the boardroom, but definitely a hot topic in the lunchroom!

Some more useful suggestions coming though from our participants in the 23 Things program. Kaggle has helped one participant understand about presenting information and data with diagrams. Another person recommends SPSS, a statistics software available on many on (Curtin University) campus desktop computers.

I’m ending this post with Chief’s infographic as a handy reminder of the schedule of Things coming up over the next few months.

Bye for now!

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