Reflections on Thing 6: 3D modelling

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This week’s module, ‘3D Modelling’, came at a perfect time, as it just so happened that I’d lost a red lego brick from my collection! I never thought I’d have the skills to create a 3D model, but with a little help from Tinkercad, I was able to get my missing brick back by using one of the office’s 3D printers.

I started out by creating a basic rectangular box and eyeing off the dimensions. I then did the iconic stubs on top by using short cylinders and merging them into the block. Positioning them was a little tricky, although I managed to get precision by manually entering in the spacing.

I thought that was everything, until I realised it’d take a while to print since it was fully solid. I solved this issue by selecting the ‘Empty Box’ option and dragging it into the brick, making the width, length and height one less than the actual box (leaving a shell). I then chose the ‘Export’ option and selected .STL.

It was then time to print, which was easier than I thought. I put the file on a USB, imported it into UpStudio and played around with the settings (which included resizing). It took 21 minutes, and actually came out a lot better than I was expecting – it even fits with other lego bricks! Unfortunately the colour was darker than I wanted and it’s slightly taller than it should be, but overall I’m pretty happy.

The team also has a D&D game coming up next week so Kris, Jane, Akiko and I made some characters using Hero Forge. Check them out!

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