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I got into a bit of hot water last week when making a poster for Charlie. Freddie (bless his heart) decided to help me out by giving me some really great images to use in the poster. Only problem was, they weren’t his images – they were Samaira’s – and we didn’t have her permission to re-use them.

Needless to say she was a bit upset – and rightly so. I feel pretty bad about it, but fortunately we managed to sort it out. It was a good opportunity to learn a bit about licensing images for re-use, which we all knew next to nothing about.

Because Samaira hadn’t attached any kind of license to her photos, they were under copyright. (Copyright is automatically applied when an image or any material is created). So when I re-used one of them in my poster without her permission, I was breaching copyright laws – oops!

I offered to replace the image in the poster with a different one, but Samaira kindly gave me her permission to use them. She even went further and decided to license her images under a Creative Common license, so anyone else could use them too – how awesome is that!

Neither of us knew how to put a Creative Commons license on a work, but a quick visit to Creative Commons site made it very easy. They have a tool that helps you choose the license that suits you best (eg whether you want people to be able to modify your image or not, or use it for non-profit only – that kind of thing) and it creates the license for you, which you can then copy and paste on to the site where the digital image is stored. In Samaira’s case, she put it directly under where her images are displayed on her blog post.

The next task was for me to correct the poster, so that Samaira was acknowledged as the creator of the image used. The ‘Reuse and Remix’ page on the Creative Common site was helpful in explaining how to do it. Below is the finished poster with the attribution attached.

It feels good to have learned something about copyright and licenses, and to have applied that knowledge – it was easier than I thought it would be!


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