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I thought I would write a few reflections about this week’s Thing 1, Getting Started.

It was wonderful meeting many of you in our Kazoom session on ‘discovering your digital profile’. Thanks for sharing your thoughts – it was great to get to know you a bit better and I hope you enjoyed meeting the team!  If you haven’t done that activity, you can at any time.

I was delighted that the game Certitude (which takes place at our office and features our team) was one of the activities in this week’s Thing.  However, it was a most surreal meta-experience to be meeting myself in the game, in a weird time-travel-intertwining-alternate-realities kind of way.  I was especially taken aback when (as the boss of Certitude) I had to give myself (as the intern fact-checker at Certitude) the formidable ‘I’m disappointed in your performance today’ look that I give my staff sometimes – now I know how it feels to be on the receiving end! 

All of us at Certitude are excited to be a part of the 23 Things project.  We’re here to help out, but I’m sure that we’ll also be learning a lot of things as well.  I see it as a great professional development opportunity for my team to develop their workplace skills further, and it is already giving me plenty of ideas of things they can do  – but don’t tell them that, haha!

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  1. Freddie
  2. Kris
  3. Kris

    I also did the activities for Thing 1 and played Certitude. It’s a great game but yeah, it was weird meeting myself. It was fun giving myself some long coffee orders though!

    • Jane Simmons
      Jane Simmons

      I too playedf the game and it was a most unpleasnt experience. It was simply outrageous that I had to take on the role as factchecker and proof read my own artcles.

  4. Jose

    btw for anyone confused about this conversation, you probably need to play the game Certitude to understand what we are talking about. Explainer: as the player, you are fact-checker for Certitude Publishing, and you need to check our articles for errors. It’s a great way to learn about referencing and using good sources – I recommend it!

  5. Akiko

    I am reporting successful completion of the digital profile assessment. After implementing the self-assessment activity the diagnostic results indicates high proficiency in information technology but sub-optimal proficiency in communication.

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