Charlie “Chief” Williams
Chief Editor
Prefers the nickname Chief.  Performs with an exceptional work ethic and expects her staff to follow by example. Do a good job, and she shouts lunch. During her downtime, Charlie enjoys taking her children, Jaymie and Lili, to the zoo.

Kristoph “Kris” Fuglesang
Executive Assistant
Kris started at Certitude as a graduate intern and is now indispensable (and permanent).  He picks up procedures quickly, is keen to learn new things and always happey to assist. Interests include cosplay and D&D.

Akiko Avatar

Akiko Ichimura
In-House Writer
Akiko brings a fresh viewpoint, is very efficient, and is the   the employee of the future! Surfing the internet and solving complex problems are a few of Akiko’s hobbies.

Jose Avatar

Jose Perez
Freelance Writer
Jose has been with us for three years. Their heart’s in the right place. They’re known for giving a voice to those who need it. Jose likes knitting sweaters for rescue cats and going to the theatre.

Jane Avatar

Jane Simmons
Freelance Writer
After a strong career in television news. Jane joined us three months ago with raving reviews. She tends to write opinion pieces which often attracts controversy. Her only interests are red wine and crosswords.

Samaira Avatar

Samaira Ahmadi
In-House Writer
Samaira loves to write fun and quirky articles to help brighten peoples’ day. In her downtime, she writes fiction that has won her multiple awards over the years. She can often be found reading in the garden with her puppy, Zizi.

Frederick Parama
Casual jack of all trades
Freddie works at Certitude on a casual basis, doing a bit of this and a bit of that (no one is quite sure what he does). Hobbies/Interests include conspiracies and puzzles.