Meet the game creators

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Hey there, I’m Kris Fuglesang. As the Exective Assistant at Certitude, I get asked a lot of questions such as: “What’s it like being a two dimensional fictional character?”. I won’t go into that just now (another time perhaps) because I want to answer another question I’m often asked, which is: “Who created you and the game in which you exist?”

Rebecca Kerr designed the game and wrote the narrative and dialogue. Bec was an undergraduate when she first designed the game, and is now teaching, as well as doing post-graduate research in Visualisation and Interactive Media, at Curtin University. I recommend taking a look at some of her work at (I would also like to point out that we share in common an interest in Dungeons and Dragons).

Jesse Bryant created the artwork. Jesse is an Animation and Games Design undergraduate student at Curtin University. I love all the art in the game but ‘m particularly pleased with the job she did of my hair – it just always looks so good, no matter what kind of day I’m having. I have to say Jesse’s attention to detail is impressive and I’m of the opinion that her artwork is truly awe-inspiring. I’m sure you’ll agree.

Michael Wiebrands programmed the game. Michael is an IT professional who is currently working in Unity building 3D visualisations, 360 video and VR applications for the educational sector. He’s done all sorts of amazing projects which you can check out at I know for a fact that the team feel they lucked out completely to have him program the game. Respect!

Karen Miller was the producer. Karen is a Learning Co-ordinator at Curtin Library. She didn’t seem to know what she was doing most of the time, but hey, she got there in the end (just kidding, she was great). Karen helped everyone stay on the path, and also wrote the articles that are in the game.

Sirsir Sharma, an Information Systems student at Curtin University, coded the original prototype of the game.

The game was supported by the Curtin Library Makerspace, and funded by the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program.

With such a talented team on the job, it’s no wonder the game is so much fun to play! As one of the main characters featured in the game, my opinion is obviousy biased, so you’ll have to give it a play and make your own mind up. We’d love to know what you think of it – let us know in the comments.

Bye for now!