Reflections on Thing 5

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I got into a bit of hot water last week when making a poster for Charlie. Freddie (bless his heart) decided to help me out by giving me some really great images to use in the poster. Only problem was, … Continued

The ‘edit a photo’ challenge

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Our last creative task was the ‘edit a photo’ challenge. Whilst sometimes difficult, I think these activities are a great way to put into practice what I’m learning with the 23 Things modules… The challenge was to edit a photo … Continued

Thing 5: Remixing

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It’s hard to believe, but we’re half way through the 23 Things program already!  This week, Thing 5: Remixing is about how to re-use images and other content from the internet without stepping on people’s toes.  It’s easy to download … Continued

Reflections on Thing 4

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I can never get my pup Zizi to stay still enough to capture a good selfie of the two of us! Being a small and zippy ball of energy, he’s often found bouncing around the room, chasing shadows and shaking … Continued