The ‘edit a photo’ challenge

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Our last creative task was the ‘edit a photo’ challenge. Whilst sometimes difficult, I think these activities are a great way to put into practice what I’m learning with the 23 Things modules… The challenge was to edit a photo … Continued

Thing 5: Remixing

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It’s hard to believe, but we’re half way through the 23 Things program already!  This week, Thing 5: Remixing is about how to re-use images and other content from the internet without stepping on people’s toes.  It’s easy to download … Continued

Reflections on Thing 4

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I can never get my pup Zizi to stay still enough to capture a good selfie of the two of us! Being a small and zippy ball of energy, he’s often found bouncing around the room, chasing shadows and shaking … Continued

Thing 4: Digital Creativity

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I’m refreshed and ready for Thing 4: Digital Creativity, I hope you are too.

There are heaps of ways to be creative in the digital space, and this week we touch the tip of the iceberg in focussing on digital art and image editing. You can also try out some handy tools and find tips on how to spark your creativity.